Good Friday

Crossings will be closed on Friday, April 3rd 2015 for the solemn commemoration of Good Friday. Business will resume as usual on Saturday onwards. Thank you.

Hot cross buns are traditionally toasted and eaten on Good Friday in Britain and Australia


Start your Friday fast with bread and water from Crossings Café! We are offering complimentary bread and water to all who wish to participate in the Friday bread/water fast encouraged by our Archbishop for New Evangelization.

The bread will be purchased from Assumption Pathway School (APS), to support the school’s efforts with students withou access to/unable to complete mainstream education.

Welcome, and let us participate in your fast in a small way. If you would like to contribute something to the needy, you may consider ‘paying forward’ a meal or a cup of coffee or a slice of cake – to someone in need.

Wishing you holy fasting days in Lent.

The ALPHA Course

Crossings Café is pleased to announce the APLHA Course on Tuesday evenings. The course is open to all whom may be interested to know more. Check them out on Facebook, or email